GRMS Standard

Global Red Meat Standard for the meat industry

Important Technical Update

Valid from 1 April 2021 including interpretations and clarifications on requirements of GRMS version 6.1: Download Technical Update (pdf)

The GRMS is a standard specifically developed for the processes of slaughtering, cutting, deboning and sales of red meat and meat products. In contrast to other more generic food industry quality schemes, the GRMS has been tailored to the specific requirements that apply to the meat industry.

The Standard is available for implementation by all interested parties/meat producers within its scope.

The Standard is free for download. However, a registration fee of 250 € will be levied by Certification Bodies for the release of audit reports and certificates.

Version 6.1 of the standard

Published 10 August 2020
Valid from 10 August 2020
Compulsory from 1 January 2021

To read the full version of the standard: Download the entire standard (pdf).

Version 6.1 of the guideline

Published 7 August 2020
Valid from 7 August 2020

To read the Interpretation Guideline: Download guideline (xls).

Use of GRMS logo

The Global Red Meat Standard logo (GRMS logo) is copyright material and is a registered trademark owned by DAFC. Use of the GRMS logo is regulated and governed by DAFC.

Only companies awarded a valid Global Red Meat Standard certificate can use the GRMS logo. A contract shall be drawn up between the company and the Certification Body. The contract shall include the rights and obligations of both parties regarding use of certificate and certification mark.

The GRMS logo is not a product certification mark and shall not be used on products or product packaging.
Products produced under GRMS certification are not allowed to be labelled, marked or described in a manner, which implies that they meet specific food safety criteria.

Off product use of the GRMS logo shall follow the same guideline – not describing products in way, which implies that they meet specific food safety criteria.

GRMS logo for download:

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